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Early Head Start Program Grows with Federal Funding

Last year, it was announced that Boys Town Louisiana was one of four organizations chosen to receive federal funding to improve the quality of its pre-school education. Today, the program is well underway, and according to those involved, is off to a great start.

Boys Town Louisiana is enthusiastic about the opportunity to offer comprehensive services to families and children at a younger age, birth to three. They report that their Early Head Start program will soon be fully enrolled, serving 88 students. These children will attend one of three partner sites: Wilcox Academy, Sentino Early Academy, and Kids of Excellence. Locations were chosen based on a variety of factors, taking into account the areas of greatest need within the city.

Already, the money has been used to improve the facilities, install a new playground, and to ensure that each location has the highest quality curriculum available. Rashain Carriere, Director of Program Operations at Boys Town Louisiana, says: “We’re actually using a research-based curriculum. All of our staff has been trained in that curriculum so we’re able to have really good conversations with parents if they have questions.”

Renaca Hicks-Haskin, Director of the Head Start Program at Boys Town Louisiana, adds that they are also continuing to offer additional services to the families, which include teenage moms, pregnant women, homeless families, and children with disabilities. She says that the team is dedicated to “ensuring that the needs of children are met while enhancing the involvement of families to ultimately support them to become self-sufficient.”

With the help of the money and the leadership at Boys Town Louisiana, the reach of this program is only growing. Currently, Common Sense Parenting® classes are offered seven times a year to the parents and families involved, and Renaca also reports that they are “continually partnering with other organizations as we identify the unique needs that parents and children have who are enrolled in our program and within communities.”

Boys Town again wishes to express gratitude for the federal funding received, and for the team at Boys Town Louisiana who have continued to prove their dedication to our mission. We will keep you posted on this important project which is sure to be a continued success.