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Care Coordination Program Gives Family a Second Chance

​Dressed in brand-new, brightly coordinated yellow outfits, Michelle and her three children were all-smiles for the camera. You see, the past year has been tough – this family portrait marked a real moment to celebrate how far they've come.

“Less than a year ago, I was facing eviction and living in a home that was not safe for my kids and me. I was at a point where I thought this was the end of the road." She needed help.

Last year, Michelle began working with Schwan, a consultant in Boys Town's Care Coordination program. Immediately, Schwan worked to provide a stream of essentials like food, infant supplies and cleaning supplies. She then made sure the family found safe housing. After that, Michelle's youngest child was enrolled in our Early Head Start program, a year-round full day educational program for infants 0-3 years of age. Once some of the urgent needs were taken care of, Michelle and Schwan began working together to focus their attention on identifying and building on their family's strengths for long-term success.

It's been a long road and Michelle continues to work hard, but she is optimistic about her family's
future. “I now have a new outlook on life. Schwan was my guardian angel. She was there to support
my family no matter what time of day it was. She continues to push me and support me and my family. My family now has a home to live in. She helped me develop parenting skills to improve my relationship with my children. I have been able to overcome several barriers and obstacles. I now have a job and believe I have learned to become self-sufficient as a mother."

Like any mother, Michelle only wants the best for her children. “I know Boys Town has set us up
for our future by teaching us skills that will stay with us as we transition into new chapters in our lives."

To help families like Michelle's please donate today.​​