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Boys Town Iowa Spreads Mission to the Community

Rose Stanley, Administrative ​Assistant, Boys Town Iowa, had fond memories of the Siouxland River-Cade Parade, a summer tradition in her hometown of Sioux City that she calls “a highlight of her summer”. Rose figured what better way to educate people about Boys Town having a site in Sioux City, Iowa as well as spread the incredible mission of Boys Town to those in the community then by participating in this beloved summer event. Last year, Rose reached out to Phil Claeys, parade director, who warmly welcomed Boys Town Iowa to the parade.

Boys Town Iowa had such a great time participating in the parade that they gathered together for this summer tradition once again this year. Nine Boys Town employees walked in the parade along with 14 of their family members. The employees and their families had a blast representing an organization they are passionate about.

Those who walked in the parade were extremely thankful for the many other contributions that were made. The Boys Town Iowa management team donated money for the candy, kazoos, and balloons for the parade and Brandi Weyer, Boys Town Iowa Intake and Compliance Specialist, prepared goodie bags and blew up balloons prior to the event. The youngest participants were able to ride in a pickup truck driven by Rose’s uncle, Earl McKinley Sr., allowing them to experience the joys of the parade as well. The support even extended to Boys Town Nebraska due to Mary Huard, Manager of the Gift Shop, who created Boys Town T-shirts and Boys Town pens for the parade.

The Boys Town Iowa office had an incredible time spreading the mission of Boys Town to the Sioux City community. “It really is a collective effort to make this event possible,” said Rose. “I am extremely grateful for everyone that lent a hand”.