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Highlighting Employees Instrumental to the Behavioral Health Clinic Team

Sandy Cuello, Jason Gallant and Carmen Rodriguez.

The Boys Town Central Florida Behavioral Health Clinic has experienced great growth in the past two and a half years since opening. The growth has largely been a function of the supportive, hard-working, and caring support staff. The clinic was fortunate to have the assistance of Carmen Rodriguez and Jackie Nitti from the outset.​

While juggling numerous site responsibilities, these two individuals contributed significantly to the growth of the clinic albeit through networking, outreach, client services and billing. In June 2014, Boys Town Central Florida hired Sandy Cuello. Since arriving, Cuello has been a staple force for the Behavioral Health Clinic. The hard work and dedication from these individuals to the clinic is undeniable.

“They provide a safe and comforting environment for these families when arriving at the clinic,” said Dr. Jason Gallant, Director, Boys Town Central Florida Behavioral Health Clinic. “Many families have come to know these three on a personal level. That means so much in cultivating comfort in the families and ultimately success of the clinic. The growth and sustainability of the behavioral health clinic would not be possible without the support, dedication and hard work of these three women — their work is truly laudable. We are fortunate to have exemplary, first-rate staff who are a perfect union of hard work and passion.”

Meet two of the women below and experience their personal journey in becoming an instrumental part to Boys Town Central Florida’s Behavioral Health Clinic.

Sandy Cuello has over 30 years in billing and collections and seven years of experience with psychiatric hospital work. She previously worked at Jerome Golden Center for Behavioral Health in West Palm Beach, Florida. “I was thrilled when Boys Town Central Florida called looking for me,” said Cuello, Behavioral Health Clinic Clinical Assistant, Boys Town Central Florida.

Cuello’s favorite part about her job is working with the Dr. Jason Gallant and the children. “They are our future,” explains Cuello. “Working for Dr. Gallant is truly a blessing. Dr. Gallant has so much compassion for children and families and it is reflected in his work. He truly loves his families and it’s rewarding to be a part of the experience. Being able to work with the continually growing clinic and knowing that every individual helped is immeasurable!”

Cuello is a mother of four children and grandmother to two grandchildren. “I’m a caregiver at heart both in work and with my family,” said Cuello. “When I’m not working, I’m with my family. I have parents and a nephew to take care of and I know that my passion for giving is directly correlated to my work and will always be my number one priority.”

Carmen Rodriguez has been with Boys Town Central Florida since 1998. She started as the Business Assistant, transitioned into Medicaid Billing Specialist, and now Business Manager. When she first applied to Boys Town, Rodriguez had been working from home while raising her son. Initially, she didn’t know much about Boys Town. “Once I applied and learned more about what Boys Town did, I was impressed to know that we had such an impacting organization in our city working to help the families and children in our communities,” said Rodriguez, Boys Town Central Florida Business Manager.

Rodriguez’s work week is always changing and evolving. “I work with new employees on background screenings, HR-related information, travel, pre-service training, updating personnel files, billing and other duties as assigned,” explained Rodriguez. “To positively impact those around me whether adults or children — knowing that the job I do is making a direct impact on the outcome to Boys Town is what I love about my job.”

Working at Boys Town has been very rewarding to Rodriguez. “Boys Town teaches me to work as a team and to finish tasks with a strong work ethic,” said Rodriguez. “I believe God has allowed me to be part of a bigger vision at Boys Town as we work together to help children obtain hope and prospects for the future. Impacting those around me with a positive attitude and understanding that no matter what happens in our lives, God will be there supporting us.”

Carmen enjoys spending time with her family. “I have been blessed with a loving and supporting husband, wonderful children, and beautiful smart grandchildren — whom I love very much,” said Rodriguez. “I enjoy spending my time with them — going to church, vacations, learning and having fun. Thank you Boys Town for being my second home.”