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Dr. Joe Clemens Joins the Behavioral Health Clinic

Dr. Joe Clemens has joined the Boys Town Central Florida Behavioral Health Clinic team.

​Boys Town Central Florida is pleased to welcome Dr. Joe Clemens as a Staff Psychologist who joined the Behavioral Health Clinic on Dec. 15, 2014. Prior to working at Boys Town, Dr. Clemens received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Hope College in Holland, Michigan in 1994. After undergraduate school, he moved to Orlando, Florida and worked in crisis and risk assessment for five years. He went back to school and received his Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, New England in 2004.

Upon receiving his doctorate, Dr. Clemens returned to Orlando and worked for Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare as Staff Psychologist and Internship Coordinator. He spent several years supervising Master’s and Doctoral students and was an Affiliate Professor of Psychiatry for the University of Central Florida’s Department of Medicine. He kept himself busy and worked part-time as a Consulting Clinical Psychologist for a juvenile justice program and developed a small private practice focusing on child, adolescent, and adult psychotherapy, as well as psychological and forensic evaluations. Dr. Clemens brings with him a wealth of experience working with people and community relationships that will be instrumental to Boys Town Central Florida’s clinic growth.

Being able to share his knowledge from his past experiences with Boys Town is rewarding. “I think that you should not only do a job, but always continue to expand your knowledge and education and then give back to others by teaching what you have learned along the way,” explains Dr. Clemens. “I am thrilled to start my new career with Boys Town Central Florida and excited to work with everyone and to expand an already very successful and high quality program further.”

“Dr. Clemens brings a drive and excitement to further develop this clinic with the intention of being a beacon of high quality to our clinic,” said Dr. Jason Gallant, Director, Boys Town Central Florida Behavioral Health Clinic. “We are ecstatic with the vision Dr. Clemens has for the future and our growth potential is endless with such an asset to our clinic.”

Dr. Clemens’s position at Boys Town as a Staff Psychologist has him working primarily with youth and family therapy. “My experience at Boys Town has been phenomenal,” said Dr. Clemens. “It was a great pleasure to go to Nebraska and see where it all began. Not coming from a strictly behavioral background showed me how much I can still learn. I have always maintained the philosophy of do, learn, and teach and I am excited to do that at Boys Town.”

In the future, he hopes to expand and teach others even more. “Eventually, I think we can develop the program to the point of being able to train Post-docs and possibly turn it into an internship site for graduate students,” said Dr. Clemens. “I am honored to be able to work with children and families as part of Boys Town.”

Working with the children and families is something that Dr. Clemens looks forward to everyday. “Children always provide an opportunity to learn and laugh and even my son reminds me constantly,” explained Dr. Clemens. “I was asking him about how things were at school and he didn’t want to talk and I stressed about having conversations helped me better understand how he was doing. He responded by saying, ‘Dad, you’re a psychologist, not a conversationalist!’ Thank you Zachary and, thank you Boys Town for this wonderful opportunity.”