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Boys Town Central Florida Helps Mom, Son Reconnect and Grow Closer

April and her son Gregory are happier today because of the positive relationship-building skills they learned at Boys Town.

April ​Karos knows that in order to help her son get better, she had to first help herself.

With assistance from Boys Town Central Florida and its In-Home Family Services and Common Sense Parenting® programs, she was able to do just that.

April and her son, Gregory Weaver, struggled to have a close relationship because neither Mom nor her son could communicate in a positive manner. This created friction, which often led to heated arguments.

Eventually, Gregory was referred to Boys Town Central Florida for issues of truancy and being out of control. Gregory, a 13-year-old eighth-grader, was a good kid but one who struggled to control his anger and follow rules.

According to Rexter Alcubilla, the Boys Town Central Florida Family Consultant who began working with the family, a primary focus was on helping April to take a more positive approach to how she handled Gregory’s problems.

“When the family first started services, they were not able to complete a discussion without arguing,” Rexter said. “The youth felt one way about certain issues, while the parent saw it another way. And, because Gregory’s mom didn’t realize her approach was impacting the youth’s behaviors, there really was no way to make any progress.”

Through In-Home Family Services, April learned more positive teaching techniques that helped her build a more positive relationship with Gregory.

At the same time, Gregory was developing social skills that helped him improve how he followed instructions, accepted decisions and reined in his anger.

Throughout services, both April and Gregory stayed very involved and took a positive approach to the assignments they were asked to complete. April welcomed the suggestions and strategies that Rexter provided, and used her newly-learned skills to stay calm during crises and arguments. April also benefited from attending the site’s Common Sense Parenting ® classes, which reinforced her skills through practice and instruction.

As she got better at implementing her new parenting approach with Gregory, their relationship grew stronger.

“Gregory follows instructions better and has learned to deal with his anger and accept decisions he doesn’t always agree with,” Rexter said. “And the best part is April and Gregory have repaired their relationship and communicate better.”

Rexter takes great satisfaction in seeing how the family overcame their differences using the services Boys Town Central Florida was able to provide.

“I felt like the family made great strides in the overall dynamics of their relationship and I was overjoyed and excited to have been a part of their progress,” Rexter said. “It is a very rewarding feeling in knowing that the work put into the family was impactful in helping them create a more positive home environment.”

The stories provided about the children and families in our care are real. In some cases, names and details may be changed, and stock photos may be used, to protect their privacy and therapeutic interests.