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Over the past 30 years, the Boys Town National Hotline® has been a lifeline for kids and parents needing help in crisis situations. See our milestones.

What started as a small community effort has grown into a national service receiving more than 150,000 contacts a year. The Hotline is credited with stopping 545 suicides in progress in 2018 alone.

Being available to kids and families when they need us most is our driving force. It's this ideal that empowered us to find out why calls from teens were going down when we knew their phone usage was up. This research led to the creation of, a website created specifically for teens to reach them where they are – online. This insight also led to the creation of three additional ways for teens to reach out:

  1. Text "VOICE" to 20121
  2. Online Chat on
  3. Email

All of this change and growth over the past 30 years would not have happened without the generosity and commitment of our loyal supporters. You have helped us thrive, giving millions of children and families the help they were needing at the end of the line. That's why we're asking you to help us celebrate! We're inviting you to share your thoughts about what the Hotline has meant to you. Simply send an email to with your comment to help us celebrate our anniversary all year long.

 We are so excited to celebrate 30 years of saving lives, but we know the work is far from over. Thank you for your continued support.