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​Philip: My parents would try and stop me from breaking the law, smoking pot, and doing stuff like that, sneaking out and partying. And I got to the point where I was stubborn and I just wanted to do whatever I wanted and did...followed my rules and not theirs. 
Patti: And this went on quite a while, until we encountered a runaway. And it was a runaway in town. And one night I could not sleep, and I had friends have helped me, and I've exhausted a lot of help. And we had pizza the night before, and I got up, I couldn't sleep, and I looked on the stove and there was the Boys Town number, the hotline number on the pizza box. I thought, "I've got to call because I need some type of guidance and help." He'd been gone for quite a while, had not heard from him, and I just needed someone that I could talk to. What was on the other end was this wonderful voice that made me feel so good, and he had so many ideas for what to do. And then he also wanted to know how I was doing. So Angelo, I think of him as one of my angels. I mean, I called him and his voice…he just helped me so much. I can't believe in the time that was spent trying to deal with this situation...and he even gave me examples of even himself and with his family, with his children. He's just really...he's amazing.
Philip: Looking back, I can see the weight of what I did on my parents, and I think because of how Jesus has changed my life now, my relationship with my parents has reconciled. 
Patti: The Boys Town National Hotline helped us tremendously, helped us put our son on the right path. And it's something that I want other parents to know about, that they are there. The Boys Town hotline is there to help, middle of the night, early in the morning. When things seem their worst, give them a call because they will...there's somebody there that can help you.