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About Foster Family Services

What Is Boys Town Foster Family Services ®?

Often, foster children have been abused or neglected, and can no longer live safely at home—at least for a while, and perhaps, permanently. They are newborns, toddlers, grade-schoolers, middle-schoolers and teenagers. They often have brothers and sisters who are in the same situation. A few have medical problems and disabilities; others have special care needs. Most have hidden wounds.

Boys Town Foster Family Services is a community-based program where professionally trained Foster Parents provide care and support to children of all ages, infancy through adolescents. Foster Parents help meet the behavioral, emotional and educational needs of the children in their care. Service intensity ranges from highly intensive to less intensive, based upon the needs of the child. With a focus on reunification, Foster Family Services SM utilize a strength-based, team approach to work with families to achieve safety, permanency and well-being. Foster Parents receive 24/7 support from Boys Town professionals. Like all other services and programs in Boys Town's Integrated Continuum of Care ®, care provided in Foster Family Services is based on the research proven Boys Town Model ®.

Foster Family Support

Boys Town also adapts and provides portions of Foster Family Services in collaboration with other foster care agencies. These services may include Foster Parent recruitment, training and retention, or other similar activities.