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Holiday Hints for Families

December 2nd, 2015     By Boys Town Contributor

Family, Parenting Skills

Regardless of whether you observe Christmas or Hanukkah or any other winter celebration, there’s no denying that the Holidays are all about family. But what constitutes a family? After all, these days there are all kinds of families beyond the traditional Mom, Dad, two kids and a dog.

There are single-parent families. There are co-parent families. There are families in which kids are being raised by grandparents. There are blended families with kids from two separate marriages. No matter the situation, the common thread in all these diverse family types is the children and the love their adult guardians have for them. So whether you’re part of a traditional family or one that’s a little more diverse, check out our Guide to Parenting for Today’s Family.

And don’t forget that while the Holidays can bring cheer and merriment, without a little planning and thought, they can also bring stress, anger and disappointment, no matter what your family arrangement. It is with this in mind that the parenting experts at Boys Town have created tip sheets that address several specific family situations as they relate to the Holiday Season.

• For grandparents, check out these Holiday Tips for Grandparents

• For blended families, check out these 10 Tips to Keep Your Sanity

• For single and co-parents, check out Tips for Handling the Holidays After a Divorce

As we mentioned before, no matter what kind of family you have or occasion you celebrate, the Holidays are all about family – and that means that they’re all about the kids. So long as you remember that one fact, you won’t go far wrong.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Boys Town!

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