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Even in the Air, Parenting Can Be Grounded in Common Sense

December 26th, 2017     By Father Steven Boes, President and National Executive Director, Boys Town

Parenting Skills, Today's Family, Understanding Behavior

If you are traveling by air as we head into the new year, you know what to expect during this busy holiday season.

You board your plane to find every seat full. A lot of passengers are parents with young children. The moment those wheels lift off the runway, the tears, shrieks and demands begin. You might even be treated to a few arguments or fights between rowdy little ones.

Whether you are a passenger or one of those parents, the experience can be unnerving, uncomfortable and unpleasant.

In recent years, some people have gone so far as to propose banning parents who can't or won't control their kids from the airlines.

It's a pretty extreme measure. But if you've ever endured a long trip that seemed a lot longer because of misbehaving children and permissive parents, it's one that's probably crossed your mind. In fact, you may have been ready to show the kids and their parents the door yourself.

At Boys Town, we think we have a better solution. With 100 years of experience and expertise in child ​care, we've developed a positive approach to disciplining kids that works anywhere, with kids of all ages, even at 30,000 feet.

Our methods include praising a child for good behavior and using consequences to teach children their negative behaviors are unacceptable. Mainly, they focus on teaching children skills like following instructions and accepting "No" for an answer, which help them learn how to control their behaviors and be respectful of others. And kids can use these skills anywhere – at home, in school and in public.

I believe most moms and dads do their level best to rein in their kids when they act out. But parents don't always have the tools they need. On our website,​, you'll find our Common Sense Parenting book and other great resources. Or you can visit for advice and tips from our parenting experts. 

With Boys Town's help, families can make the friendly skies a lot friendlier for everyone.​

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