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Teen leaving house without permission

Handling When Your Teen Leaves the House Without Permission

April 29, 2020     By Daily Dose

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​With school coming to a sudden end, many teens are disappointed they won't be able end their school year with goodbyes and celebrations with teachers and classmates. And proms, extra-circular activities, sports and even graduations have all been cancelled. Because of social distancing, teens are also unable to be with their friends who they lean on for emotional support. With the disruption in their social lives and many end-of-the-year rites of passage canceled, it's natural that many teens are upset with social distancing and tempted to test limits around this public-health strategy that is working to flatten the curve and save lives. During this time of social distancing, parents are concerned what to do if their teen leaves the house without permission. Our experts at the Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic have some advice on what to do if your teen leaves home without permission so you can help keep your teen, your family and others as safe as possible.

Positive Mental Health Tip: Controlling Your Urges

Today's positive mental health tip involves waiting 15 minutes before reacting to someone or something to help prevent impulsive decisions you might later regret. Here is a free worksheet to download that helps you develop a plan so you are ready the next time you are faced with an urge you should avoid.

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