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Conversation Skills

Conversation Skills

April 29, 2020     By Daily Dose

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Today, kids are having a lot of their interactions online, whether that's through Zoom for school or Facetime with friends. To make sure they are using good conversation skills – both online and in person – now is a good time to review those skills with your kids. Here are some practical, easy-to-use skills you can teach your child and practice together as a family:

To contribute to a conversation:

  • Look at the person who is talking.
  • Wait for a time when no one else is talking.
  • Make a short, appropriate comment that is related to the topic that is being discussed.
  • Choose words that will not offend or confuse others.
  • After you've spoken, give other people a chance to talk.

To keep a conversation going:

  • Maintain a relaxed but attentive posture.
  • Nod your head to show you understand and to give ongoing encouragement to the person who is speaking.
  • Ask follow-up questions that are related to what another person just said.
  • Avoid fidgeting, looking away or yawning.
  • Don't interrupt when another person is speaking.
  • Take turns speaking during the conversation.
  • Check to see if others understand what you have said.

To close a conversation:

  • Change topics only when everyone appears to be finished talking about a particular issue.
  • Change to a topic that somehow relates to the previous one.
  • Give everyone a chance to talk about the new topic.
  • Wait for a comfortable break in the conversation to end it.

Positive Mental Health Tip: Creating a mental health safety plan

When people are frightened and uncertain, it is easy to become sad, anxious and/or depressed. That's why creating a mental health safety plan is a great tool for maintaining your mental health. 

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