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Teen Talking on phone

Answering the Call

April 20, 2020     By Boys Town Contributor

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​To respond to the urgent needs of families impacted by the health crisis, Boys Town is focusing on helping families recover and keeping families safe. People are suffering from frustration and anxiety surrounding the COVID-19 virus and are seeking help. A few weeks ago, call volume to the Boys Town National Hotline mentioning the virus were only a few calls a day, now the calls are flooding in at 40-50 a day. Throughout the crisis, the Boys Town National Hotline has been committed to finding a way to ensure the safety of our employees while continuing to answer the calls from those who struggle with feelings of depression and anxiety through this pandemic. We are proud to say that almost all of our counselors are home safe while still serving you!

All of this is great news but to really understand why it is so important for us to be there to answer the call, we think it's helpful to read what so many are going through. The questions below are real questions sent in via email to our hotline counselors over the past few weeks.

How Do I Stay in the House for Another 30 Days? (age 13)

Hi, I've been very upset and crying a lot. We have to stay in our house for another 30 days. I miss going to school, my friends and dancing every day. I wish I could take my cat and disappear. I do school online, but it's not the same. Sorry for being upset about this.  

I Am So Over This Quarantine (age 17)

I've felt very... over it recently. This quarantine hasn't helped either. Every little thing has bothered me and at the end of the day, that little voice consumes me. And every day, I have nobody to talk about it with, so I'm here again. 

I feel so broken. Yesterday I was on the verge of "letting go" and today isn't much better. These past few days are only the start of the downward spiral that usually lasts a week and I know I have no control over it. I've cried so much and I just want all of it to stop.

I Can't Help Care for My Mom (age 18)

I am feeling very upset that I can't help care for my mom because I am very sick and I can't be near her. 

How Do I Deal with My Anxiety Over COVID-19? (age 19)

Hello, Currently I am really struggling with this entire stay-at-home order. I have really bad anxiety about health things, and this virus is scaring me so bad. I'm so afraid of getting it and dying. My mind keeps making up symptoms, and although I am fine, I am constantly double-checking my temp and swallowing to make sure my throat doesn't hurt. I can't see my boyfriend, which is making me so sad. I can't work right now and I'm stressing about money for my next semester classes, if they even happen at this rate. My parents are laid off as well and I know money is getting tight. There is so much talk of death on the TV. I feel like I am living in a nightmare and I am so depressed. I wake up in the morning and then feel like I stare at a wall all day before it's night, and then it's the same thing the next day. I am struggling to remain calm and to remain happy. Today, to make things worse, we had to put our pet bunny down as he was so sick. I just cannot seem to stop crying. I feel like my world is falling apart and none of us know when this will ever be normal again. I have gone through a lot of my periods of feeling hopeless but I feel like this one is the worst.

I Feel So Lonely (age 17)

I feel lonely. And I don't know what to do. 

We are proud to be a source of hope and healing during this crisis and we will continue to serve long after, as the effects of this pandemic will continue to impact teens and families long after the acute cri​sis subsides. Please consider a gift to help support services like the Boys Town National Hotline so that we may continue to support you. Give Today.

KETV reports Coronavirus and mental health: Boys Town counselors ready to help​

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