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Your Daily Dose: Staycation Activities

March 24, 2020     By Daily Dose

Anxiety, Coronavirus COVID-19, Mental Health, Self-Injury, Stress

Some good news… the weekend's here! Hope today's Daily Dose finds you and yours in good spirits and good health.   

Saturdays aren't quite the same these days. But different doesn't have to be disappointing.

Everyone's probably feeling a little stir-crazy and some are probably desperately seeking fun. So why not reimagine or reinvent how your family hangs out? Shuttling to sports practices and packing for parties are off the agenda, giving you the freedom to do something new or special for a change. But what?

Well, start by thinking of this weekend as a “staycation." And vacation means new experiences and plain-old fun. So why not do things like…

Go on treasure hunts

Build covered forts with blankets and furniture

FaceTime friends

Put puzzles together

Spend the day in PJs 

Make crazy snacks or bake spring-themed cupcakes

Crank up the music and have a singalong

Go on solitary walks/bike rides (for much-needed alone/quiet time)

You have more options than you may think. So, start your staycation now by building a customized list of family activities to keep kids entertained during social distancing that are perfect for times like these.

Today's feel good activity deals with worry. In uncertain times, it's normal to worry but you don't want it to consume you. Try giving yourself 10 minutes a day to worry about things. After that, whenever you notice yourself worrying, tell yourself it will still be there for tomorrow's ten minutes. You can even try a Brain Dump and write your worries down when your thoughts become overwhelming. Shake free from negativity and find yourself in a happier headspace.

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