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Four Tips to Help Your Teens Make Good Clothing Choices
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by Laura Buddenberg, Manager Training and Community Outreach, Mother of two

tags: Discipline, Family, Respect, Teens, Tweens

Four Tips to Help Your Teens Make Good Clothing Choices

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Hot weather is here! It’s time to dress for informal events like camp, ballgames and visits to the pool, as well as more formal occasions like weddings.

Parents often cringe at what their kids choose to wear — and in the summer, there’s no outerwear to cover up a fashion faux pas. Here are some tips for helping your kids dress so they’re happy and you aren’t scandalized every time they walk out the door.

1. Clearly state your expectations and the nature of the occasion. You wouldn’t wear a dress and heels to the ballpark, or shorts and flip flops to a wedding unless you want to stick out like a sore thumb. If you’re unsure what’s customary for a particular situation, call the host or organizer. Better safe than sorry (or embarrassed!).

2. Keep comfort and modesty in mind. Remind your child that if he or she spends the entire time tugging clothing up or pulling it down to avoid “wardrobe malfunctions,” it’s hard to enjoy what’s happening, whether it’s swimming, dancing, watching a baseball game or attending their cousin’s wedding ceremony.

3. Remind your kids that their clothing sends a message about who they are. If they want respect, they should dress in a manner that not only demonstrates regard for the occasion, but also encourages others to focus on their inner qualities, not what they are wearing.

4. Save yourself time and ruckus by using the Internet. If you and your child are in disagreement over what he or she is planning to wear, or if your child doesn’t have appropriate clothing for an event, sit down with your child and search for examples that suit both of you before you shop.

With planning, clear expectations and a willingness to work together, your family can enjoy all kinds of summer events — in style and drama-free.