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The Boys Town National Hotline answers thousands of calls, emails, chats and texts from parents, grandparents, tweens and teens​. These are just a few examples of the questions commonly asked and the answers they received from Hotline Consultants. The Hotline is available 24/7 at 800-448-3000 and via text by messaging VOICE to 20121.​

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1. Suicidal Ideation

Q: I have been super stressed lately and I don’t know what to do. How do I tell my mom I want to kill myself?​

A: We are so glad you found us and decided to reach out! It seems that you're going through a tough time right now, and we're here to help. Stress can become so overwhelming and when that happens, it's difficult to know where to turn.


2. Anxiety

Q: I am a people pleaser and it causes terrible anxiety. How can I manage this?

A: Anxiety is a strong emotion and one that can take control of us both physically and emotionally. Have you been able to identify any techniques over the years to lessen your anxiety when you begin to feel it come on? We know that the same things don't work for everyone.


3. Relationships - Significant Other

Q: I have been going through a break-up and the pain just won’t go away. How do I move on?

A: ​Breakups can be rough and your decision to let us know how you've been feeling through it shows strength. Now, more than ever, it may be important to prioritize your well-being, and we'd be glad to talk through what some of that self-care may look like.


4. Depression

Q: I am suffering from depression, but my family thinks I am overreacting. How do I help them understand?

A: We are glad you are writing in and sharing your feelings. Why does your family think you are just “acting"? Have you talked to them about this? 

Many people experience times in their lives when they feel depressed. It can occur at any age and lasts for different lengths of time.


5. Friendships

Q: I feel like my friends have turned their back on me. What did I do wrong?

A: We can appreciate the frustration, confusion, and hurt you expressed in your email about feeling abandoned by your friends. It does seem very odd that your relationship with them would change so drastically and quickly. Reaching out is the brave and wise thing to do.


6. Parent/Child Relationships

Q: I have a hard time opening up to my parents about how I am feeling. How do I even start?

A: It sounds like you have been struggling with something and your mind got the best of you. You want to open up to your parents/guardians, but it sounds like you are hesitant. It also sounds like you've worked it out in your head knowing they've helped you before and it sounds like they've been supportive in the past. What is holding you back?


7. Loneliness

Q: I have no one in my life that cares about me. What can I do to not feel so alone?

A: Losing so many friends so quickly can entice us to withdraw into ourselves. With no one to talk with, and it can feel like no one cares. We want you to know we care. While we may not be right there, we are here to talk and listen.


8. Self-Injury

Q: I started self-harming a few months ago and I’m trying to quit but I have been having a really hard time. Is there anything I can do to help with these urges?

A: We are very concerned that you have been cutting yourself. We are not making any judgements, we just want you to know we are here for you. It sounds like you are struggling with emotions, and are feeling isolated and without support. That can be a painful place to be. Does anyone else know how you are feeling?


9. Mental Health

Q: How do I ignore the negative voices in my head that say I am ugly, fat and not worth anything?

A: If these voices become too loud or too convincing to the point where you feel unsafe, call us 1-800-448-3000 or talk with a trusted right away. You deserve to get the help and support you need to help you through night to stay safe. 

Hearing negative voices can be a challenge to work through. ​


10. Abuse

Q: I don’t want to be taken away from my family but there is so much chaos going on in my home. How do I deal with it?

A: It sounds like there is a lot of negative energy running through your house with everyone you mentioned. It can be really hard to stop that energy with other people as we cannot control what anyone says or does. The only person that you can control is yourself.


Additional Helpful Resources

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Your Life Your Voice: This website is part of the Boys Town National Hotline and provides kids and families the opportunity to ask their questions via phone, text, chat or email. Let your kids know they are not alone, support is available to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. visit ​website​​​​​​​