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​​​​​​​​​​​Christmas at Boys Town

Many of the boys and girls that come to Boys Town do not have happy memories of Christmas. Your donations help give them the Christmas they deserve and can remember for a lifetime. Thank you.​


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Tricia: I think a lot of our kids have talked to us about the fact that this has been their best Christmas, the first Christmas that they have with us at Boys Town. And they talk about how, in the past at Christmastime, there were no presents, or maybe, Mom was drunk, or there was a big fight in the family. There was no dinner prepared, or it's just a lot hurtful memories at especially holiday times, and so we just love to be able to give them positive and fun memories.

Sean: We have this event here, where Santa comes to Boys Town. He comes riding into Boys Town on one of the fire trucks, and the little kids here absolutely love that. And it's great to see them like smiling and laughing and having a good time.

Scott: With the holidays we try to exaggerate what we do for the holidays to make them even more spectacular than they were that we remember as kids. And we try to get the biggest Christmas tree. We try to put the most lights on our house, and so they get a sense for a kind of a replacement for the loss that they've had.

Tricia: Christmas is about a time for joy and celebrating with family, and making fun memories, and that it doesn't need to be sadness or unpleasant thoughts.

Alyssa: It's just a lot of fun. I enjoyed celebrating Boys Town Christmas so much.

Woman 1: Merry Christmas from Boys Town!

Children: Merry Christmas from Boys Town!

Woman 2: Merry Christmas from Boys Town!

Women: Merry Christmas from Boys Town!