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Follow a Family

Raising kids is tough en​ough ... ​but​ try raising your ​own two kids plus six more ​whose only common background is a difficult childhood. But that’s exactly what a Boys Town Family-Teaching Couple does. And they understand what it takes to make it fun!

Current Episode: Mayor

The Kavanaughs get political, as one of ​their own runs for mayor of Boys Town. Watch and enjoy as the whole house pulls together to support young Jen in her run for this historic and coveted title.



Previous Episodes

Episode 2: Okoboji

The Kavanaughs take their kids to Boys Town’s lakeside cabin at ​Okoboji in Northwestern Iowa. The days are filled with swimming, boating and sunshine as these kids take a well-deserved summertime break — for many, the first one they’ve ever experienced.


Episode 1: Introduction

Meet Boys Town Family-Teachers Scott and Kim Kavanaugh, their two daughters and the six girls they're mentoring. Get to know this unique family as you take a sneak peek inside their home.