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Susan and George Haddix
Susan Haddix,
Boys Town Donor
(Susan and George Haddix, Donors and Research Advocates)

“I was excited to hear of the neuroscience research at Boys Town Hospital. To me, the real problem is that we expect a troubled child to function the same as a child without behavioral concerns. This research is going to look deeper into understanding why children are having these problems. Then, one at a time, we will know how to help each child and family, and in doing so, make a real change.”


Susan and George Haddix (pictured above, le.) knew they wanted to make a real change in the lives of children with mental and behavioral health problems. The couple’s deep understanding and compassion for helping children led to their decision to fund The Susan and George Haddix Endowed Chair for Neurobehavioral Research at Boys Town National Research Hospital®. Their impactful donation helps sustain state-of-the-art neuroscience research at the Hospital. The goal of research is to understand what is physiologically happening in the brain of a troubled child so that the right interventions can be applied for that individual child. This research will find new ways to diagnose and treat problems like depression, anxiety, aggression and ADHD, enabling Boys Town to expand its work to improve the lives of children with behavioral and mental health problems.

The endowed chair funded by the Haddixes is the first for the Hospital. James Blair, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Neurobehavioral Research in Children at Boys Town National Research Hospital (pictured above, right), has been appointed Chair. As long-time advocates for troubled children, the couple hopes their gift influences others to give and support the mission of Boys Town.