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​​​Summer always has a way of slipping away too fast, so don’t waste time and energy on unwanted stress or unnecessary strife. Savor every moment with your family by being prepared, setting some ground rules and having a plan to tackle any challenge – from bad attitudes to boredom – that can darken your day.

All the tools you need for a more relaxing, entertaining and educational summertime are just a click away. Start by downloading your customized summer contract. It makes managing behaviors a breeze. Use learning cards to spark your children’s imaginations (plus, the activities don’t feel anything like schoolwork!). Pick outside-the-box summer activities that will create memories while enriching your children’s social and emotional development. Find more ideas below… and make this summer something special!  

Try these helpful tools at home

More Summer Fun

​If you think your summer is crazy, imagine what it’s like with six to eight kids under the same roof! Summer at Boys Town is filled with chores, activities, school and fun. Dr. Kristen Galloway also talks about the right balance of school work and summer fun. Watch below.