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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Trudy's Story

Boys Town Helped Her Find Sobriety and Her Way Back to Her Children

Because of an undiagnosed heart defect, Trudy’s first son, Patrick, was born with permanent brain damage. This tragic event caused Trudy to turn to drugs. Using heavily, Trudy became pregnant again with her second son, Timothy. He too was taken ​from her by the ​state. Eventually, Trudy found ​help though Boys Town. ​Watch her story below.



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Part 1

Trudy: When my son was born, he came six weeks early. He was premature. And he had a heart defect that could have been corrected before he was born or right as he was born, but it took so long to figure it out, it caused him permanent brain damage.

You don't ever really see how fragile life is until you are in a NIC unit. But he pulled through. And when we went to see the neurologist a couple of weeks after he was born, they did the MRIs and brain scans, and told us, "The damage to your son's brain is pretty bad.

When we finally got to bring him home, which was a huge blessing, all we could feel was hurt and we couldn't see past that. And I felt like my whole world had fallen apart.

And I started using methamphetamine to try to give myself a pickup, to feel better about waking up. And I just couldn't see another way to live. I couldn't see another way to handle it all.

When I walked into the hospital, I was probably 34 or 35 weeks pregnant. I was using that whole time, and I hated myself the whole time. I was really feeling the weight of my actions and just wishing I could turn back time and change it. My baby really saved me. If he hadn't come along when he did, if I didn't get pregnant, I wouldn't have gotten clean. I wouldn't have ever done it. It took everything inside of me to walk in that hospital and tell them, "I'm pregnant and I'm high. And I haven't seen my other son for over a year. And you've got to find me somewhere to go because I have nowhere to go, and I have to do something."

Part 2

Jen: I started working with Trudy right at the beginning of 2016 in January. I had to find a way for her to realize that she could trust me, trust services, trust what Boys Town is about, their mission.

Trudy: They told me it was too late. Everybody said it was too late. But Jen never said it was too late. She said, "God brought you this far. He's not going to leave you now. You can do this, and I'm here with you. I'm not going to go anywhere until you've got this figured out.

I needed Boys Town more than I ever thought I needed anybody. This place has changed my life.

Jen: The sky is the limit for her. It really is. It's limitless, to be honest with you. She's inspired me so much as a worker not only with my other families but with my own families and my own faith.

Trudy: Jen has so much faith, you couldn't empty it if you tried. And she never gets tired of my mess, of dealing with me. She doesn't put up with me, she loves putting up with me. She makes me feel like I'm worth putting that time into.

I am a year clean now. I'm going to college. I want to become a music therapist. I've really learned a lot in my recovery and I'm really glad I made the choice to work with Boys Town or I never would have gotten this chance to become the kind of mom that I wanted to be.

I got my baby back in June and my baby is doing wonderful. He just turned one on Thanksgiving this year. And my son Patrick will be coming home for good on December 23rd.

Even though I messed up my life and I messed up my kids' lives for so long, I got another chance.

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