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Boys Town Saves Children

Imagine you lived in fear. Imagine that you never felt safe and couldn’t sleep at night. Many children today don’t have the opportunity to grow up in a safe, loving, nurturing household. Not surprisingly, many of these children never learn the social skills they need, or the opportunity they deserve, to grow into a well-adjusted young adult.

These children must be saved, and that’s why Boys Town needs your support.

Every Child Has Potential

Boys Town was founded on one simple belief: that every child has the potential to succeed, no matter what his or her circumstances. So, we strive to help every child, from those who may simply be struggling to those who are in need of the most severe behavioral care.

We strive to reunite children with their families whenever possible, or give them the skills and foundation they need to build a life on their own as caring, responsible adults.

Every Child is Unique

Just as every child is unique, so is every child’s level of need. We provide care for tens of thousands of children through our In-Home Family Services SM, Foster Family Services SM and Family Home residential youth program. For youth with more severe problems, we offer Specialized Treatment Group Homes SM and Intensive Residential Treatment SM that can provide more advanced care levels. Together, these services form part of Boys Town’s Integrated Continuum of Care SM. Children access at the level that best suits their needs and as their needs change, they move from levels of more intensive care to ones of greater independence.

For Every Child in America

We give children across the United States a voice online at and on the phone through the Boys Town National Hotline ® (1-800-448-3000). Both services provide kids a safe option to speak with trained professionals and connect with someone to offer guidance, support and education.

To learn about how Boys Town heals families, click here.