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Christmas Reflections

​​​​Every Christmas, we ask our boys and girls to share with us their Christmas memories. We share some of their reflections with you. They have touched our hearts and we hope they touch yours, as​ well.

  • ​Maria, age 16

    The best Christmas I ever had was when I was able to give my first gift to someone for the first time. It feels so good to see my mother’s face and know she liked what I got for her. It just brightened my day.

  • Aaron, age 15

    To my Boys Town family, I want to give them love and thanks. I would like to do this since they brought me into their home. I wasn’t a good person. They never lost faith in me. My house brothers have loved me. We have all worked through our troubles. I have started to become a man just like my male Family-Teacher. Without my Family-Teachers, I think I would still be back home getting in trouble or even worse, dead. This is a gift I would give my Boys Town family.

  • Paige, age 15

    If I could give a gift to my Boys Town family, it would be caring, sharing and love. Before I came to Boys Town, I didn’t celebrate Christmas and never got a gift. That’s true, never got a gift. So I wouldn’t just give a gift. I would give a gift of caring, love and sharing and spend time as a family here at Boys Town.

  • Julia, age 14

    My best Christmas was when I was four. I was living with my grandma at the time. We made gingerbread houses and little sugar cookie Santas to go with them. It was a great experience. I had my whole family there. It was the only holiday I can remember without fighting.

  • Tom, age 15

    The worst Christmas I ever spent was when I was in lockup for drugs. I didn’t care. I never before that celebrated a good Christmas anyway. My mom always used to tell me that she and dad were having Christmas the Budweiser way. That always made me sad.

  • Johnny, age 14

    The best Christmas is going to be this one at Boys Town. I have never received many presents. This will be my first good Christmas. I am grateful for having this good Christmas. Finally, people care about me and I am grateful.

  • Zachary, age 13

    If I had any gift to give my family, I would give my mom all my love and support. I would help her get a new house and car. I would make sure she never had to worry about money ever again.

  • Maria, age 14

    My best Christmas was when my mom didn’t have much money. I didn’t get many gifts. However, I really enjoyed the time with my family. I wasn’t really worried about gifts. I just wanted to be around loving and supporting people.

  • Holly, age 17

    The gift I would give my Boys Town family would be the gift of gratitude. A lot of times I forget what my Family-Teachers are doing for me. They gave their whole life to help kids like me. I look up to them in so many ways, but seldom express how much I really do care about them. I know they want the best for me even if we disagree sometimes about what that might be.