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Community Speaker Series

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Boys Town ​invites you to join us for a series of helpful, informative presentations by experts on issues that affect today’s families in our community. The presentations are FREE, will be held in our office at 25th and L Streets and will be delivered in both Spanish and English. No pre-registration is required.

Past Community Speaker Series presentations include:

July, 2016

July 13, 2016: Financial Education and Credit Coaching
First National Bank

"Develop a Budget and the Habit of Savings" was a presentation from First National Bank in collaboration with Boys Town of South Omaha. Attendees of this interactive presentation learned about creating a budget and to identify simple ways to start saving money. Creating and following a budget and having short and long term savings goals are key components of achieving financial stability for any family.​

May, 2016

May 18, 2016: Healthy Homes
Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance

April, 2016

Education Opportunities

UNO, Metro Community College and True Potential Scholarship

Education After High School Pays Off

On 4/20/16 the South Omaha office held a Speaker Series in collaboration with the University of Nebraska in Omaha and the Metropolitan Community College to inform and educate parents and students of the benefits and the options that are available for students after high school graduation. The “Education after high school pays off” meeting held over 30 parents and students and was very informative, according to most of the parents in attendance. Other colleges were represented as well such as College of St. Mary, Bellevue University and Nebraska Methodist College provided volunteers who helped in different areas from registration to supporting the child care. This presentation was fully in Spanish and interpreted into English which is an important component when working with diverse populations by providing access to the information in their native language.

March, 2016

Civics 101

Heartland Workers' Center and the Douglas County Elections Commission

On 3/30/16 the South Omaha office held a Speaker Series in collaboration with the Heartland Workers Center and the Douglas County Elections Commission to explain and provide a general overview of the US government and how their voices can influence their daily life. The City Council provided information that was readily relevant for the community with phone numbers to call the city in order to fix problems such as trash collection, snow removal, nuances, empty lots, etc.

The "Civics 101" meeting held over 30 families and was delivered in Spanish and interpreted into Spanish in an effort to provide access of information to the community in their own language. The feedback received to this effort has been greatly appreciated to the community at large.

January, 2016

Dealing with Family Separation

Every year, families are separated by a variety of circumstances, including divorce, death of a family member, deportation, and incarceration. These families often face difficult struggles that compromise their safety and well-being, and worst of all, create emotional hardships that are stressful and painful.

November, 2015

Traditions and Expectations
(with Mariana Santa-Maria, Boys Town Common Sense Parenting ® Supervisor)

Parents and service providers gathered to discuss parenting challenges during the holidays with Mariana Santa-Maria (Boys Town Common Sense Parenting ® Supervisor) and Magdalena Garcia (Executive Director of El Museo Latino). The main topic was traditions around the holidays, yet there was a more profound message regarding the importance of creating family ties and memories based on rituals or individual family traditions.

It was a well-attended community event and Boys Town staff provided childcare so their parents had the opportunity to learn tools to be more effective at parenting.

Thank you to everyone for coming!

August, 2015

Suicide Prevention and Depression Awareness
(Boys Town National Hotline Crisis Counselors)

For more than 25 years, the Boys Town National Hotline℠ has operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and helped millions of teens, parents and families. Specially trained Crisis Counselors presented information about suicide prevention, as well as helped attendees gain an understanding of how to help those who feel alone and have lost hope and are thinking of hurting themselves.

The presentation was very dynamic as the participants have plenty of relevant questions and that the public was very diverse. Experts from the Boys Town National Hotline℠ spoke about:

  • What the warning signs are of someone dealing with depression or considering suicide
  • How to help someone who is feeling depressed and possibly suicidal
  • How to help yourself if you feel depressed and possibly suicidal

June, 2015

Gangs 101 (with speaker Alberto “Beto” Gonzalez, Gang Prevention/Intervention Specialist)

Growing up in Omaha, Gonzalez’s teen years and early adulthood were plagued by family troubles, addictions and gang involvement. Gonzalez turned a corner at age 23 when he sought help from the Chicano Awareness Center and eventually earned an Associate’s Degree and began working as a Gang Prevention/Intervention Specialist. He has appeared on talk shows on national television to discuss steering at-risk youth away from gang life, and has been invited to the White House to share his views on how gangs affect the Latino community.

In Gonzalez’s presentation, parents gained a better understanding of:

  • The six different levels of gang involvement
  • How youth get involved in gangs
  • How to identify signs of gang involvement in youth
  • Ways to engage their children to guide them away from negative influences
  • How to access valuable resources in the community


Videos ​​from the Gangs 101 presentation:


Helpline Support

Nebraska Family Helpline: The Helpline is a free resource for parents who have concerns and questions about their child's behavior. Call 888-866-8660. Bilingual counselors are available.

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