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Why is it Important for Kids to Have Role Models?

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You know it's real important, especially in today's society, to show our young people the right way to do things. And a great way to do that, for parents and coaches, is to bring out role models. And we're talking good role models and they're out there. Too many times in the press we hear when an athlete or a celebrity does something bad, but there's a ton of them doing great things, way more good than bad. And as a person who's a coach or a parent or a teacher, we always like to, here at Boys Town, is point out when somebody does something good. And I think our kids need to see that, but it's up to adults to point that out. When that opportunity arises in the press or in the paper or on TV, I think it's important for adults to say, "Hey look. Look what this athlete did. Look what this celebrity did. They showed tremendous character in doing whatever it is that we're talking about." So the use of role models has a tremendous impact on kids if, in fact, adults can see that window of opportunity and use it.

I think it's real powerful when we point out adults that maybe our kids know. The bus driver, the neighbor down the street, the small business owner, the teacher within your school district, that showed tremendous character in doing something. And if you can point out those things to kids, it really hits home even more so because ​they generally know that person. So use those role models all the time to show kids the right way.

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