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What's the right age for children to start doing chores?

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What's the right age for children to start doing chores?

Chores can start really young, as long as it's developmentally appropriate. I've worked with two-year-olds that do chores. But of course, their chores are very basic, and there's really not much to them. And it's more parents kinda helping and walking them along through it. So even if it's, "Okay, you got these toys out, we need to pick these toys up and put them away." But you have to be right there and keep everything very basic and simple. Because what I said right there, is way too vague for a 2-year-old to get. But if you're standing there with them and pointing, "These toys here need to go in this bin" and then you put them away, then they see exactly you're there helping them.

So you can start to get them to realize that they have little responsibilities, and you can reward them for it. Make sure you give them that attention and praise so then they're starting really, really young, and it's almost more of a fun activity. Pick this up, put it away, a good thing happens afterwards. I really like this. So we're starting them to see chores as not even really chores, but a positive, fun activity. So you can start really young with little things like that, and training them that chores are not that bad because they work out for you. And you like the positive consequences that happen.

And it's all the way up from - like I said - starting at two on. It's just important to make sure it's developmentally appropriate. So really once they get a little older, you can see, "Okay, well they can do this on their own, so I'm gonna get them to be able to do this." But yeah, start early and start making it positive right off the bat. And set yourself up for a positive experience for chores in the long run.

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