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What questions should I ask a potential daycare provider?

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What questions should I ask a potential daycare provider?

When you are looking for a childcare provider some appropriate questions that you might want to be prepared to ask that provider would be: What is the staff to child ratios in each of the rooms? What kinds of procedures do you have for communicating with the parents? For younger ages such as infant aged children, you want to be looking for how they communicate meals, what time of day that my child eats, when do you change the diapers and how they did that day?

As your child gets older into school age, you want to make sure that they have communication strategies for how your child did during the day in terms of their behavior such as if they had to use any kind of disciplinary strategies. Other types of questions you want to be prepared to ask:  What types of training did the staff have? How were they trained in terms of their disciplinary methods? How were they trained with CPR, and emergency type situations? You might want to ask what kinds of communication strategies do they have for emergency type situations? Will they contact the parent directly? When will the parent be notified?

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