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What Life Skills Can Sports and Activities Teach a Child?

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I think it's important that anybody involved as an adult in youth sports understand that big picture. That striving to ​​win is great, but we need to emphasize, you know, the social skills that kids learn through sports. Winning is great, but it's a known fact that the number one reason that kids give up sports is because they're not having fun, and it's extremely important for them to have fun. And then it's also a responsibility of the youth coaches and the adults involved to point out those life skills that kids are learning through sports. because if my child only learns the skills of the sport, I'd be a little disappointed.

You know, the reason, and if you ask parents they'll tell you, the reason I want my child in sports is they want discipline. They want them to learn how to work together on a team but somehow as adults, we sometimes lose the big picture once we get into it because it's so competitive. You know, sports have to be fun. Sports have always been fun. The problem is adults got involved and they kind of took some of the fun out it because we started playing by adult-centered motives as opposed to child-centered motives. And those of adult-centered motives are winning in which kids do not put at the top of their list of why they get involved in youth sports. It's that teaching of life skills and having that kid have a positive experience through sports.

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