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I’m a Youth Coach. How Can I Set and Enforce Tolerance Levels?

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As a youth coach, it's important that you have rules and it's important day one, as a youth coach, that we set those young kids down and we map out exactly what is going on and what the rules are and we call those tolerance levels of [inaudible 00:00:28]. We always talk about low tolerances and high expectations, and if you point those things out right away to kids and say, "Hey, this is what we expect of you. We expect you to follow the coach's instructions, we expect you to accept feedback and say okay to the coach, and then whatever the instruction is, to do it with high-energy," and we point those things out and then reinforce them every day. It's not ​a one-time thing. So it's extremely important as a coach that we map out those tolerances and then stick to them. And sometimes, there has to be consequences depending on, obviously, age-appropriate consequences. There is no reason at the teenage level if a young athlete is not doing what's expected of them through those expectations that they lose playing time. That's a natural consequence and sometimes, coaches can use those in order to get the most out of their kids.

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