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If my child’s schoolwork is suffering, should I pull them from athletic competition?

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If my child’s schoolwork is suffering, should I pull them from athletic competition?

I've heard this from parents saying, “Hey if my child's school work is suffering, should I immediately pull that child from their youth sporting event?” You know what, I kind of leave that up to the parent but I'm not a big fan of taking that sport away from them because there are a number of reasons, but a lot of times you're talking about a team sport. And when that person signed up to be a part of that team and now you're taking that person out of there because of a school issue, it kind of is demoralizing to the rest of the team. 

I would say I would use that at a last cost, at the last resort, so to speak. But taking a sporting event away for progress in school. I think there are some other things that probably could have been done before that before you totally eliminate that child from the sport. It's a time management issue is what it is. That is what the skill that needs to be taught. 

So I think what we have to do. If our child is not performing at school and is involved in a lot of sports as opposed to taking that sport away work with that child on some time management skills and see if we can resolve the problem. Set up particular study times. Does that mean that that child may have to come home from practice, shower, eat, and then immediately go to the table and study an hour as opposed to going to the phone and texting or going to the computer. Maybe. But as an adult we can teach them that, “You know what, you can do all these things but there has to be time set aside for study time because that is number one.” 

But I would encourage them to not take that away because a lot of times I know for myself that's the reason I did my school work, and that was always my reward. At last resort I would take that away but let's work at some other areas and ways we can teach time management.