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How often should I give my children a reward for good behavior?

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How often should I give my children a reward for good behavior?

I don't think you have to give a reward for good behavior every single time. Really, what works best and what's most rewarding is when it's kind of a variable, so they don't know it's happening every single time.

Sometimes at first, we come on pretty strong with the rewards just to try to get them to change their bad behavior. After they are consistently altering that negative behavior with a more positive behavior, we will kind of pull back with the rewards – so the rewards are more variable, but they’re still consistently coming. That way, the kid is going to be more likely to work hard to know that there's a possibility of a reward out there. Even though it may not be every time, they still know it's there consistently. So it doesn't have to be every time at all, but it is good to have it be consistent.

A good reward that you should give every time is praise. Praise just means you are acknowledging the behavior and giving them that verbal praise or non-verbal praise such as a pat on the back or rubbing their head. Something like that is great to give all the time. So you can reward all the time, but it's kind of thinking of the different levels of the reward. Attention is a great reward for a kid. So that attention and praise, yes, I would say every time as much as possible. Then, you can have some kind of variable for some of those bigger rewards that you can have, extra fun time, video game time, T.V. time, all that kind of stuff.

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