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How Do I Manage Making Rewards Fair When My Older Kids Get Items or Get to Do Activities That Aren't Age-Appropriate for My Younger Kids?

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Managing rewards and privileges for siblings that differ in age, it can always be a problem in the house because you have the kids complaining. The younger ones are always complaining that they don't get to do what the older one does. That is just something...  really with those older kids what's important is what I think is that they do have more privileges, they have more freedom but because of that they should also have more responsibilities and be doing more work around the house. Things that are developmentally appropriate for them that usually the younger siblings can't do. We are really making them work and we are making there be a contrast in the work that they are putting in so that it makes it a little easier to accept the contrast in the rewards and privileges on the other end, and that way the younger siblings, they can see well as their older brother is out mowing the lawn and working in the yard all day and spending multiple hours outside working and they spend half an hour peeking up their room. Okay, there is a big difference and they got off a lot easier and then they get to have more of the little fun time and those kind of things there so those little rewards. They are getting more rewards in the sense in those situations and that helps them see that I have less work and get a little bit more of this fun time even though they don't have those bigger privileges. It just helps to set the stage to make that a little easier. If there is difference in the rewards and privileges, we need to also have difference in responsibilities so at least its a structure that everyone can see. Will the little siblings still complain about it, probably, but at least we have a structure that makes sense and that's even going to be good for the older kid to realize that I get to do more of these things because I am contributing more. It’s not just because I am older. It’s because I am more responsible, I contribute more to the household so I deserve more freedom, more independence, more privileges, more access to things that the younger ones that can't contribute, they are not able to get.

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