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How Do I Know If I am Pushing My Child Too Hard?

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I really do think that, in some ways, it depends on the child. I think when there's a pressure to be the ​best is when there becomes more difficulties than the pressure to do your best. Not everybody can be the best, and so you have to find that balance of knowing, what is your child capable of, and am I pushing them too hard or too far. You have to really know them and create a supportive learning environment, and not have it always be about being perfect.

I think some of the signs that you're pushing too hard would be kids being less excited about school - it's less their thing, it's more your thing - they're avoiding it more, talking negatively about school. They don't want your help, they aren't asking for your help. They're trying to do it all on their own and they're getting really frustrated if you get involved. They won't show you what's in their backpack or talk about what their homework is. You're pushing a little bit too hard.