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How do I help my child accept his or her coach’s decision if it’s not popular?

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How do I help my child accept his or her coach’s decision if it’s not popular?

How we condition our children to understand that the coach is the authority figure and sometimes the decision that coach makes, whether it be on playing time or positions, is the decision.

You know, it goes into what we call, here at Boys Town, being a piece of the puzzle. And many time when you're on a team, you have to fit in. And a lot of the times we don't always like the role that we have, but what a teaching opportunity for us as adults to tell our kid that, "You know what, maybe you can't be the pitcher, but you can be the best right-fielder that you can be." Whatever that role is on that team, to embrace that role, and do it to the best of your ability. And it's a great life lesson and sometimes it's hard.

Again, if your child has a problem with a coach, we go back to, can they agree to disagree appropriately and find a time to talk to that coach? But, just pre-teaching to your child that the coach is the coach and they're gonna make some decisions that you might not always agree with. And the other thing is I find that can really help, for adults, is if they hear that child talking negatively about the coach, stop them. Stop them from talking negative and say, "Hey that's your coach. There's a respect factor. You may not always like their decisions, but they are the coach and understand that." It's a great life lesson for kids to learn.

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