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How Can I Teach My Kids to Respond Appropriately to Disappointment?

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You know, this is one of our top skills, is how do we teach kids to handle adversity and disappointment appropriately because sports are all about disappointment. There's a lot of highs in sports and I wouldn't trade my experiences I had growing up in sports for anything, but there's a lot of lows too. There's injury, there's defeat, there's all those things that bring your spirits down and we wanna teach our kids how do we handle those. Because in life, you're gonna have times where you're disappointed and we want our kids to handle them appropriately, so we talk about it. Hey, when this happens on the court or on the field, how are you going to react? Are you gonna throw your helmet? Are you gonna throw your bat? Are you going to lash out in an opponent, those type of things? And the bad part of it is sometimes we don't see the appropriate way on TV by our professional athletes.

Now, some of them do and again, that's going back to point out, as an adult, point out that that role model is doing it the right way as opposed to the wrong way. But this how to handle that disappointment appropriately, is a skill that your kids are gonna use over and over and over again. And so, we ​tell them just hey, take a deep breath and maybe go the other way and congratulate, you know, in football if you tackle somebody, help them up and they see these outward displays of how to act as opposed to how not to act, acts of bad sportsmanship and especially when times are bad, adverse conditions.

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