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How Can I Show Support for My Child Who is Struggling to Participate in School?

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I really think it's important to take as much of an interest in school as you want it to be relayed to your kid that it's important to you. So it's really easy to say that school's important and that they should do their homework and they should do their work, but if you're not involved, you're not making communication with the schools or teachers, then that message gets a little bit mixed. So, as much as you can, creating a relationship with the teacher right away, communicating with them, showing up at school, participating as much as you can, and taking an interest in what are they learning and talking about that with them and making that a big deal, and having it be fun and just as important as sports are, that we know, we show up at practices and at games, and we talk about how great they did at that, and sometimes the school work falls off to the side. I think it's ​just as important to be really excited about a good test grade, work completed, all of our work turned in time, as it is a score in a game.