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How Can I Keep My Kids Engaged in Reading Throughout the Summer?

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The interesting thing about your question, though, I initially was, like, okay, well, you just have to incorporate it into your day. My other thought later was, we don't want to set learning and school work up as not fun, that it's this tedious thing that we have to do, "Oh, we just have to get this done and then we can have fun." So you don't ​want to set it up that way. However, that probably is gonna be part of what the structure looks like, that it's just a part of the day, and so you try to do anything you can to incorporate in reading and math, spelling and writing, in any way you can throughout the day. It doesn't have to be the whole day, I would just make it consistently a part of the day. So it could be 30 minutes a day, and they can be fun, different activities. It just doesn't have to be, "Okay, now, now we gotta do this," and don't save it until the end of the day; it's not gonna happen.

So, as much as you want to try to not set it up as a, "You gotta do this before you do this," it also...that's the most effective way to do it because they're gonna tell you over and over again, "I'll do it later, I'll do it later," but they're not going to, or it's just gonna be more of a fight. So if you can incorporate it in as early in the day as possible, then it's done and over with, and if they enjoyed it, great. If not, at least they did it, and then they can get on with the things that they would prefer to do. This is important and it's gonna be a part of our day.