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How Can I Help Balance the Pressure to Do Well Both in Sports and Academically?

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We are a competitive society, we really are, and that goes for the classroom and grades because hey. If you don't have that high ACT, you're not going to get into the college of your choice. If you don't play on this select team, you're not going to be able to participate in high school athletics.

The rewards that people are chasing have gone up, they really have. It's competitive everywhere. We have to understand that kids are trying. There's only 24 hours in a day. They can only do so much. If I would have to say one thing that would help this pressure of school and sports, balance.

Do we have a balance in our life? Are our kids still being allowed to be kids? Are ​they still being allowed time to just go and play and go do some of the different things? If your entire family structure is being changed upside down because of youth sports, it's probably an indication that it might be too much. We have to take control of that situation and make sure that there's balance in our kids' lives.

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