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How can I create a good study environment at home?

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How can I create a good study environment at home?

If the wash is going, vacuum cleaner is running, TV is on, radio is on, etc., the number one step is to quiet down your home so the kids can focus. I know some parents and kids say, "I focus better when there is music blaring." And I say, "I don't think so." Really I think the best thing to do is to quiet your home down and get everybody focused on what are we doing right now in this hour. What do we need to get done?

Number two is that parents should model the behavior they want their children to do. If kids are studying, then I tell parents to go ahead and read a magazine, read the newspaper, read a book.  Just be on hand so you're modeling exactly what you want your kids to do. If they think you're busy doing something more fun, they're not going to be very focused on studying. Also, make sure that kids have everything they need before they get to study time – books, pencils, paper, etc. Check right after school that your kids have everything they need so you won't have to wait until later on that evening and go, "Oh I forgot my book," or "Oh I don't have a pen," or "Oh this or that." Make sure that before study time you do some prep work is a good idea.

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