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Competing with Character Coach Kush on Youth Sports

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Coach Kush on Youth Sports

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Pat: Hi there, and welcome. I'm Pat Parsaud. If you have a son, a daughter, grandson, granddaughter involved in youth sports, you want to listen up. Today, we have with us Kevin Kush who is the football coach at Boys Town among many other things. Author as well, a book called Competing With Character, All About Youth Sports, putting the fun back into it. Right?

Kevin: Exactly, that's what we want to do. We want to try. We know sports have always been fun but along the way the adults have kind of taken...

Pat: The sportmanship aspect, huh?

Kevin: Yup, taken all the fun out of it. All of us have witnessed inappropriate behavior at youth sporting events. We're trying to set down a set of skills for the parents, the coaches and the players so that sports are fun and it's enjoyable for everyone.

Pat: I know you have a book out called?

Kevin: Competing With Character.

Pat: Okay, and you also have a program that you would go out to different organizations.

Kevin: Right. At Boys Town, we go out and we speak to youth sporting organizations.

Pat: Right.

Kevin: Particularly, the coaches and the parents, because those are the ones that empower the kids and basically lay down a set of behaviors and expectations so that the experience is enjoyable for them.

Pat: I'm wondering, what's caused this rise in inappropriate behavior? Is it just a...?

Kevin: Well, I think that any time the bar has been raised and people have more invested in it, including money...

Pat: Right.

Kevin: They feel like they can voice their opinion more and so it tends to cause people to do things they normally wouldn't do.

Pat: Wouldn’t do, yeah, but a good source again is at Boys Town and you come out there, and you give them some advice.

Kevin: Yup. We talk to the coaches and say, you know what, let's make sports fun but let's do it the right way.

Pat: Let's take it up to a higher level.

Kevin: Right.

Pat: All right. Thank you so much, Coach, for being here today. And thank you for choosing

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