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Coach Kush in Action

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Coach Kush in Action

Tackle them as hard as you can, but then help them up, and tell them good job. And you'll see that at our games, because we teach that. We tell our kids to do those things. Three-to-one ratio, we tell our coaches, three to one. Praise kids three times for every one correction that you give them. “Aww, that's tough, coach.” You bet it is, but it can become habit. Try and interact with that kid that you really don't want to interact with. That kid that maybe is your worst player, the kid maybe you don't like, that's the kid that needs you more than anything.

What you coaches don't realize is you might have been the only adult in that kid's life, that took the time to talk to him on that day. You are having that impact on kids when you're around them, whether you know it or not. Just by being around them and doing what's right on a daily basis, to have that impact. 

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