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Am I Putting Too Much Pressure On My Kids to Be Involved in Sports and Do Well?

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The price of poker has gone up in youth sports, it really has. Things have become more competitive. A lot of parents have a lot of not only time invested but money invested in youth sports, and this is not all a bad thing. I mean, if kids are involved, it's a good thing, and the more time ​that they are not doing negative behaviors and they are involved in something, you know, that's great. And one of the things that I tell parents to do is simply don't emphasize that winning all the time. When your child comes home, ask him are they healthy, how did the game go, did you have fun, as opposed to did you win, how many points did you score, because kids feel that pressure escalating. So your facials, your voice tone, how you approach your child after a win. A lot of times, kids don't want to talk about the game right afterwards, especially if it didn't go their way. So sometimes giving them that space can really help ease the pressure of youth sports.

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