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Follow a Family - Graduation​​​12345

Greetings from Okoboji!

Remember going on vacation when you were a kid? There were long, lazy days, fun activities and lots of sunshine. For many at-risk children across America, however, life on the streets offers no vacation. So, when they come to Boys Town, these young men and women get a chance — many for the first time in their lives — to experience a true family vacation.

In this episode of Follow a Family, the Kavanaughs take their kids to Boys Town’s lakeside cabin at Okoboji in northwestern Iowa. The days are filled with swimming, boating and sunshine as these kids take a well-deserved summertime break.


Dinner Is About More than Food at the Kavanaugh House

Mealtime at the Kavanaugh Family Home is a time for learning and connecting with one another. From teaching social skills and manners to discussing news and important topics, the Kavanaughs and their girls make dinnertime meaningful.

In this episode of Follow a Family, you’ll see how a houseful of girls from different backgrounds and circumstances work together to prepare and enjoy a meal as they learn skills that will serve them long past graduation.


Holiday Season: Replacing Bad Memories with Good

For many kids growing up in distressed families, the holidays are the same as any other days — except maybe with a little extra sadness thrown in as they catch occasional glimpses of “normal” families enjoying the season. That’s why at Boys Town, the holidays are a time to really “go over the top” and let the kids experience the unbridled joy of family celebration.

In this episode of Follow a Family, peek inside the Kavanaughs’ home as their girls celebrate a very special holiday season.


The Kavanaugh Girls Head to Prom

For high-school-age girls and boys across America, spring means it’s time to gear up for prom — and things are no different at Boys Town. However, because many Boys Town youth have never attended a formal social event, prom affords them not only an opportunity to enjoy an evening of dressing up and dancing, but also a chance to use many of the social skills they’ve learned along the way.

For the Kavanaugh girls, prom means trying on dresses and prepping for the big night. See for yourself when you watch this episode of Follow a Family.


Graduation: The Measure of Success

When Jen and Devin first came to Boys Town, the notion of graduating from high school was a far-off dream. Now, both are not only receiving their diplomas, but they're also heading to college to pursue their dreams.

Get an exclusive inside look at how a group of girls from different backgrounds prepares to celebrate the graduation of two of their own as Jen and Devin begin a new chapter of their lives.


Sponsor a Boys Town Family

We hope you have enjoyed following this Boys Town family and getting a glimpse into the everyday lives of kids living, changing and succeeding at Boys Town. Please consider becoming a Boys Town Family Sponsor to help support a Boys Town Family Home just like the Kavanaughs. We will send you a sponsorship packet with information about the Family-Teachers® and children in your home, and you’ll receive quarterly update letters describing the children’s progress and activities. You’ll know when your family reaches a major milestone ​or takes an ​important step toward healing. Your donation of as little as $20 a month will make a real difference.

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