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Parenting Guides

A Guide to Back to School
Preparing children for a new school year can be a struggle for any parent. Boys Town Parenting is here to help with a guide for how to get your kids back on schedule to start the new year off on the right foot.

A Guide to Parenting for Today's Family
We live in a new age and not all families are considered “traditional.” Today’s families are facing divorce, co-parenting, single parenting, blended families and reversed parenting roles.

A Guide to Parenting Through Crisis
A crisis can happen at any moment. When tragedy strikes, it can be difficult for a child to process. As a parent, how can you help? The parenting experts at Boys Town have advice and tips for parents on how to talk with children after a crisis takes place.

A Guide to Discipline
There are many different views of “right” and “wrong” when it comes to disciplining your child. Sometimes it is hard to stick to your intended plan of discipline when your child is having a severe meltdown in public and strangers are staring. Boys Town’s approach combines both positive and negative consequences. We have pre-selected content that is popular among our readers.

A Guide to Parenting At The Table
Studies show that eating together as a family can provide numerous benefits for children, including higher self-esteem and better communication with their parents. But meal-time needs to become a regular habit in order to sustain those benefits. We’ve gathered tips on how to get your family to eat, laugh and grow together more often.

A Guide to Self-Harm
The idea that a child would engage in self-harm is often baffling to a parent. Why would my once happy boy start cutting himself? Why would my daughter try to commit suicide? The parenting experts at Boys Town have put together a guide to try to help you understand and recognize the symptoms of self-harm.

A Guide to Communication Skills
Communication skills, which Boys Town denotes as social skills, are often taken for granted as adults. Things such as how to follow instructions, how to listen and how to disagree appropriately are (hopefully) second nature to us. For kids, however, these important skills need to be taught and modeled by parents, and most of them are built upon clear communication.

A Guide to Parenting in the Digital Age
We live in an information age — and our kids are the ultimate receivers. Make sure your family is the headline in your home.

A Guide to Dealing with Bullying
Bullying has many different faces in this day and age and it is more common than anyone would like to admit. Learn how to protect your child and recognize when your child is the bully.

A Guide to Behavioral Disorders
Most kids misbehave some times. Some children, however, exhibit behaviors that are much more extreme and require additional attention or correction. These include disorders such as ADHD, ODD and other behavioral conditions. Often these manifest as problems interacting and communicating with others or with learning and retaining information.

A Guide to Substance Abuse
Substance abuse is an insidious condition that can destroy the lives of not only the abuser but also his or her family. Even seemingly innocent experimentation can lead to serious addiction problems. The child behavior experts at Boys Town have gathered a wealth of information on this important subject.

A Guide to Potty Training
Potty training is difficult for both the child and the parent. Boys Town has research-proven tips on timing, techniques and advice to help you both succeed.

A Guide to Teenage Dating
Coming to terms with the fact that your child is old enough to start dating can be a hard thing for parents to handle. Building relationships is an important part of your child's life. Learn when to set boundaries and when to let your children make their own mistakes.

A Guide to Youth Sports
In your child’s soccer game, do you find yourself cursing the poor referee? Does your child yell at teammates when a ball is dropped? Put the fun back in youth sports.

A Guide to Parenting Teens
There's no question that the teenage years can be difficult. Many days you may feel like you’re talking to a brick wall — if you even get to talk with your teen at all. If you arm yourself well, you can break down any barrier.

A Guide to Sleep Issues
Your child may not be an infant anymore, but sleeping through the night can still be a struggle. Boys Town’s research-proven parenting techniques can help give you the advice and tips you need for a good night’s rest.