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Guide to Harmful Behaviors

Drug use. Eating disorders. Anger issues. ​Do you suspect your child ​is practicing harmful behaviors? How can you tell? What can you do to stop it? Boys Town’s research-proven parenting techniques can help.

Sexual behavioris a ​serious concern for every parent. Not only are kids pressured by their peers to do things they may not want to do, it seems we hear more and more about sexual predators in the news. We have advice for teaching your children to conduct themselves appropriately and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Substance abuseis a slippery slope. Do you suspect your child is using drugs? We have advice for helping your child realize the dangers and consequences of drug use.

Depressionhas many faces and ​there are countless degrees of severity. Is your child acting a bit off? We have tips on how to look for signs of depression in your child, as well as how to approach counseling and other resources available to help your child in this tough time.

Self-harm or suicidal tendenciesin your children may not be as easy to ​pinpoint as one would think. As a parent, what do you look for? We have advice for how to approach your child if you suspect they are cutting or inflicting self-harm, as well as resources to help your child overcome abusive behaviors and thoughts.

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