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Supporting Materials

​​​​​​The following are a list of supporting materials Coach Kush has developed.

Skill Cards

Coaches' skill cards outline each skill and describe character-building skills that coaches can teach and reinforce with players during practices and games.

  • Coach (10 pack)
  • Player (20 pack)
  • Parent (20 pack)

Pledge Certificates

Competing with Character pledge forms affirm coach, parent and player commitment to competing with character.

  • Coach (50 pack)
  • Player (50 pack)
  • Parent (50 pack)

Large Posters

Competing with Character is Boys Town's unique and innovative game plan for youth sports programs that want to set themselves apart. Learning to play a sport and compete fairly is a great way for kids to have fun and develop life skills and good character.

  • Coach (2’ x 3‘)
  • Player (2’ x 3‘)
  • Parent (2’ x 3‘)
  • Set of 4 (2’ x 3‘)
  • Spectator (2’ x 3‘)

Purchase Supporting Materials

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