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Back to School Guide

How do you discipline your kids when they’ve outgrown the time-out chair? Learn How.

Back to School Guide

There is no manual for being a parent, but there is an effective, researched and tested model. Let us help you.


How to discipline your teen can be challenging. We’re here to help you be effective and fair.

Boys Town’s Parenting Principles are based on decades of real-world experience with tens of thousands of families... and it really works! So if you are a parent or grandparent of a toddler, a teen or someone in between, check our our Parenting Guides for articles and videos from experts and the help you need to be the best parent you can be.

A Guide to Discipline

There are many different views of “right” and “wrong” when it comes to disciplining your child. Sometimes it is hard to stick to your intended plan of discipline when your child is having a severe meltdown in public and strangers are staring. Boys Town’s approach combines both positive and negative consequences. We have pre-selected content that is popular among our readers.

Learn more in our Guide to Discipline.

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