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Boys Town Texas: Your Battle Buddy

Texas Military

You’ve ​sacrificed to serve ​our country. Often, that service comes with a price to your family.

Boys Town Texas offers effective strategies to military parents through services in one-on-one and group settings free of charge. To learn more, please call 210-271-1010.

In the one-on-one setting, also known as our In-Home Family Services program, families are taught effective discipline strategies and we partner with military families to access community resources that could benefit your family. Each family works toward individualized goals and your veteran specialists work closely with your family to ensure goals are met. Your veteran specialist is right alongside serving as a “battle buddy” for your new battle: reintegrating to a civilian world. We work around your family’s schedule.

Through our Common Sense Parenting (CSP) classes, you can learn effective strategies in a group setting. The program's easy-to-learn techniques address issues of communication, discipline, decision making, relationships, self-control and school success. Professionally trained parent trainers teach the course and provide instruction, consultation and support.

To learn more about these programs and how your family can sign-up, please call 210-271-1010 or email