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Boys Town Texas Provides ‘Battle Buddies’ for Military Families

Boys Town Texas Provides ‘Battle Buddies’ for Military Families

​When military veteran Joseph B. approached Andres Guzman, a fellow veteran and a Family Consultant at Boys Town Texas, he was embarrassed to admit the problems he was having at home.

"We don't ask for help," Joseph said with sadness in his voice. "We are the help."

Andres immediately knew what he had to do; he had to become Joseph's "Battle Buddy." But this battle was different from those Joseph had known while on active duty in the military. This one was going on between Joseph and his 15-year-old son. Joseph had missed most of his son's life during his time away defending our country. Now he was trying to be a father to a teen who had been "the man of the house" for many years.

Working through Boys Town Texas' "Mission: Possible" program, Andres helped Joseph and his son reconnect and develop the father-son relationship both wanted so badly. In the program, Family Consultants offer effective strategies to military parents in one-on-one and group sessions, free of charge.

Today, Joseph and his son enjoy watching sports together, going camping and visiting colleges in anticipation of the teen's high school graduation. "I almost let my pride come between me and my family," Joseph said. "Andy was always available to me, day or night. I'm grateful for the help he gave me."

To learn more about the "Mission: Possible" program, please call 210-271-1010.